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Two Gumballs for 25 cents

  1. What machines models will the "2 for 25¢" work in?

    (A) PN-95 and PO-89 models by A&A Global
    Super 60 Model by North Western.
    Oak - Acorn Models
    Ultra Vend
    Sega - Millinium Model

    Other brand machines will interchange with our wheels .For information about your machine models please contact us.
  2. What size Gumballs does the "2 for 25¢" disperse?

    (A) Dispenses 850 and 1080 count gumballs. If you choose to go with the 1080 count you will need to add a riser.

  3. How much does the "2 for 25¢" wheel cost and do you offer bulk discounts?

    (A) Pricing starts at $8.50 per wheel. 50 Plus orders are $6.50 per wheel.
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